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Parenting Time in a Mediated Colorado Divorce


Summary:  In Colorado, the term “custody” has now been replaced with a friendlier concept of “parental responsibilities.”  You can avoid the expense of hiring a 3rd party to evaluate a parenting plan.


A Parenting Time Agreement is Part of a Colorado Mediated Divorce

About 10 years ago, Colorado law replaced, the term “custody” with “parental responsibilities.” The reason for the change is that “custody” implies possession. In contrast, “parental responsibilities” focuses on the needs of the children and need for co-parenting.

Parental responsibilities focuses on: 1. Parenting time; 2. Decision-making; and 3. Financial support.

All of these determinations should be based on the “best interests” of the child.   Parenting time is not supposed to be based on the amount of child support that may be ordered.

If you cannot agree on parenting time and your mediation process stops, then the court will most likely make both parties pay for a third party evaluator (called a Child and Family Investigator - CFI) to conduct an investigation before you can go to a court hearing.

You can also hire a CFI as part of the mediation process.

However, I highly recommend that you work to make a reasonable parenting agreement as part of the mediation process.  Rarely will a CFI make any difference.


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