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Case Studies - Colorado Mediation


Summary:  Here are some summaries of actual divorce mediation cases.  They show that mediation works as it is designed.


Case Study 1 - Typical Mediation Case

Bill and Susan first came in for a free initial consultation to learn how the divorce process works.

Before the next meeting they submitted financial information.  The mediator summarized this information in a spreadsheet.  At this meeting they discussed the separation of money, other property, and bills. Susan kept the home, but agreed to refinance Bill off of the mortgage loan.  A parenting plan was discussed.

At the next meeting, the parenting plan was outlined and agreed.  An outline of the separation agreement was prepared.  Property and debt was divided.

The separation agreement was prepared before the third meeting and emailed to both.

At the last meeting, all of the divorce court documents were signed.

All of the divorce documents were submitted to the court.  After the 90 day waiting period, the court signed the documents and the divorce was final. (Unless the documents are also signed by a reviewing attorney for each spouse, a 10 minutes court appearance is required if their are minor children.)

The time involved for the entire mediation process was 6 weeks.

Their cost:  $1,000 for fees, $350 court-related fees and parenting classes, and $400 for document preparation.

Case Study 2 - High Conflict

George and Tina were involved in a high conflict case because of an affair.

In addition to the typical 3 meetings, there were three sessions of telephone conferences, including together and separate conversations with the mediator.

The time involved was about 12 weeks.

Their cost:  $1,800 attorney fees, $350 court-related fees and parenting classes, and $400 for document preparation.

High-conflict cases take more time and money.  However, the result should be about the same.

Case Study 3 - Interruption Due to Lack of Disclosure

If one of the spouses is hiding money or income, the case becomes high-conflict.  This does happen.

There are different ways to show the hidden money.

These cases can drag out.  And the mediation process can stop for a month or two as the issue of nondisclosure is worked out.

Usually the case can be worked out.

However, if the amounts are high, then the spouses should hire their own attorneys and set the case for a trial.

The cost the trial:  $15,000 in attorney fees for the court process, primarily over the issue of hiding money.  (It was not worth it.)

Case Study 4 - The Spouses Decide to Remain Married

Ned and Mary began the mediation process.

After the second meeting, they decided to hire a marriage counselor to work on their marriage.

Total cost:  $800 in attorney fees.

The decision to stop the divorce process and work on the marriage is common.

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