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Hiding Money and Other Property in a Colorado Divorce


Summary:   The mediation process almost always results in the more complete disclosure of money, property, and income, compared to the typical court case. The mediation process stops if there is a lack of disclosure. Hiding money or other property leads to a high conflict case. Nondisclosure and misrepresentation can usually be caught by using formal discovery.


You Will Get Caught if You Try to Hide Money, Other Property, or Income.

The mediation process usually results in greater disclosure, as compared to the typical disputed court case.  Because of the spirit and requirement of cooperation.

The mediation process will stop if one or both of the spouses is not properly disclosing.

If there is a lack of disclosure, then there is nothing to mediate and agree on.

The hiding of money or other property usually results in a high-conflict case.

You may be assessed attorney fees, sanctions, and even jail time if you hide money or other property. It is very unlikely that you can get away with it.  Colorado divorce judges will do not let you get by with the hiding of money and other property.

Most spouses know how much money may be hidden. (You have been living together.)

You can get caught through formal discovery.  Also, a spreadsheet listing of expenditures can be used to show that income is not being disclosed.

I have "found" hidden assets a number of times. 

Self-employed people often "show" much less money than they earn.  So that they pay less income tax, less child support, and less maintenance.

I have listed two case studies on the hiding of money on another of my web sites.  Click on the link to review these two real examples.

Also, hiding money is discussed in the case studies on this site.

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