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Fees for Colorado Divorce Mediation


Summary:  Most divorce and family law mediations can be completed in 3 or 4 sessions
total. Fees can be paid on an hourly basis at $150/hr or a fixed amount for a certain number of hours.  For example, I will spend up to 10 hours of attorney time and 2 hours of paralegal time for $1,500. This includes the preparation of all court documents, except that any QDRO will be prepared for $200 each. Almost all mediations can be completed within the 10 hours.  However, complex cases do cost more.  Or you can choose to pay an hourly rate of $150/hour. Telephone conferences can eliminate the time and hassle of travel. Except that most court-ordered two hour mediations are just $50 for each party, if neither are represented by an attorney.


Most Court-Ordered two hour Mediations Completed for Just $50 for Each Party.

The purpose of this low rate of $100 total for both of you ($140 savings compared to the usuaal $240 for two hours) is to get you oriented as to what the law is and how a Judge is likely to rule. You can save a lot of time and money by making agreements based on how a court will likely rule. You can make a lot of progress in these two hours.

At the end of the two hours, you will receive a written plan as to your unresolved issues.

Most Colorado Divorce and Family Law Mediations Can Be Completed Within 10 Hours.

The following assumes that you have not yet started your case.

Assuming that financial disclosures are completed prior to the first billable session, almost all mediations can be complete within about 10 of attorney time. My fee agreement allows the first 10 hours of attorney time plus up to 2 hours of paralegal time (for a spreadsheet of assets and debts) to be provided at a fee of no more than $1,500. This also includes the preparation of all documents for the court filing (except a QDRO). After 10 hours of attorney time, additional time is billed at $150 per hour. Additional paralegal time is $90 per hour. Complex cases with significant assets (including small businesses) or a lot of debt or parenting disputes do cost more. The flat fee includes all document preparation, except QDROs.

Much of the mediation can be done by telephone, using a conference call. It works well.

Document preparation of all court documents is an option for $400, if you choose to pay on an hourly basis. This is already included in the flat fee, at no additional charge.

Mediation Fees by the Hour:

You have the option of paying by the hour, at $150 total for both of you. The first consultation is still free, to acquaint you with the process.

You can prepare your own documents if you choose the hourly arrangement. Or we can prepare them for you for $400, except that any QDROs are additional at $200 each.

Colorado Court Filing Fees:

As long as you can do a mediated divorce or other family law matter, you can save money on court filing fees.

For example, an agreed divorce court filing fee is $230 (as of January 1, 2011.) You save the response fee of $116.

The only other mandatory court fee is the required parenting class for minor children. The classes usually last 3 to 4 hours and cost about $65 for each parent. (This is not a court filing fee, but the courts do require the class if you have minor children.)

Total Cost for Most Colorado Family Law Mediation Cases:

The cost for most cases is:

  • $1500 for mediation, up to 10 hours of attorney time and up to 2 hours of paralegal time (listing assets and debts). All court documents are included at no additional cost, except that any QDROs will be prepared for $200 each.
  • Or, you can choose the hourly arrangement at $150/hour.
  • In many cases, telephone conferences are effective and can eliminate the hassle of travel.
  • $230 Colorado court filing fee (paid to the court)
  • $400 document preparation for all court documents except for QDROs, if you choose the hourly fee. Or you can prepare your own documents. All documents are prepared for$0 if you use the flat fee agreement.
  • $130 for parenting classes for both parents, if there are minor children

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