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Court and Other Legal Documents


Summary:  All legal documents can and should be prepared by your Colorado attorney mediator for a very reasonable fee. My flat fee includes the preparation of all court documents, including one QDRO for no additional charge.


Colorado Divorce Document Preparation

The parties to a divorce or other legal proceeding need an attorney to prepare their final document package. The purpose is to file the documents with the court.  Colorado law does not permit a non-attorney cannot prepare legal documents.

The documents which must be prepared, signed, and filed include:

1. The court petition and case information sheet;

2. Temporary orders agreement (optional);

3. Child support calculations and worksheets;

4.  Support Order(s);

5. Separation or final agreement regarding division of assets, child support, etc.

6. Real estate deed;

7. Affidavit w/o appearance;

8. Final decree;

9. QDRO or other retirement asset division documents; and

10. Wage assignment (optional).

Attorney Document Preparation Fees

A summary of our document preparation fees (by a Colorado attorney):

$0 if the flat fee is chosen.

If you choose the hourly arrangement, then $400.00 for a complete package for court filing, (not including a QDRO or real estate deed.) If done all at once and we have done the mediation at an hourly rate. This includes 1 re-draft of the separation agreement. It does include 1 hour of attorney consultation time.

A retirement plan QDRO is normally $295.00, but will be prepared for $200 if we do your other documents as well. A real estate deed is usually $125.00, but will be prepared for $0 if we do your other documents.


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