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  Get a free written plan & Guide at free consultation.   Benefits include a better court order.   Most mediations & doc prep for $1,500 or less.   Your mediator must give you legal advice.  
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  Income for support can be a complex issue.   Get the best results by truth, even when other side does not.   Use licensed attorneys, not a certified mediator.   Know the cost of separating to two homes.  

Court-Ordered 2 hours; $50 Total Each Party

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Colorado Divorce & Family Law Attorney Mediation

Mediation is the most efficient and least costly process of resolving your divorce or other family law case.  It also helps to maintain family relationships and your personal dignity.

Since the results of a divorce court proceeding are predictable, you should try to get your case completed, including the completion of all documents, before your case is filed with the court.

Also, most Judges are now requiring mediation before you get to schedule a permanent orders hearing.

You can learn by reviewing the case studies, to see actual client experiences.

10 Reasons Why Mediation is a better choice:

1. Mediation costs much less.

Costs and conflict usually spiral out of control in the typical court case.  Some examples of court litigation fees are included on this web site.  Many divorce and other family law mediation cases can be completed from beginning to end for about $1,000 to $1,500 in attorney fees.  I can also prepare all of your court documents, assist you with the case filing, and the scheduling/cancellation of the initial status conference. Total fees, including the preparation of all court documents (except for a QDRO) is about $1,500. A QDRO can be prepared for the reduced fee of $200.

The court-ordered mandatory two hour mediation is just $50 for each party, as long as neither of you are represented by an attorney. After-hours and Saturday appointments available.

Telephone conferences are effective to reduce the time and hassle of travel.

2.  Mediation saves time and reduces stress.

Divorce court cases often take a year or longer.  And the results are less favorable as compared to mediation.  In the court system, lawyers usually act as though it is their job to take advantage of the other party.  In contrast, mediation can be completed within a few hours.

Telephone mediation sessions can also eliminate the time and hassle of travel.

3.  Mediation is mutually beneficial because it results in better agreements.

You are in control and your agreements are voluntary.  You improve your odds for long-term cooperation.  You can better promote the best interests of your children.  The agreements are based on better information than what a judge has.  You have more information than a judge will ever have.  Many court rulings are just plain wrong (that is why we have so many appeals.)  Your mediation agreement will become enforceable the same as any court order.

4.  Mediated agreements are based on full disclosure.

Income, money, and other property must be disclosed.  You cannot hide money.  Too many court rulings are based on incomplete information because of the lack of cooperation, preparation, and diligence.

5.  Your mediator should be a neutral attorney who proposes solutions.

It is the mediator's job to help you identify issues and propose solutions.  Your attorney mediator should be active in family law court cases so that he or she has the experience to advise you about the law and expected court rulings.

6.  Mediation provides an opportunity for you to get legal information.

You should get honest legal information about how the law applies to your case and how a judge would likely rule on your specific case.  You mediator should be an attorney who regularly appears in court. Your agreements should be legal and fair.

7.  Mediation provides an atmosphere of cooperation and ethics.

This makes it easier to make better agreements and retain an amicable relationship.  Particularly if you have children.

8. Your attorney mediator can prepare your court documents for you.

You can avoid a costly mistake by having a professional complete your documents.  (I have seen a number of very costly mistakes, when I have reviewed documents done by others.)

9.  Rarely does anyone benefit from court litigation.

Except that you may benefit if the other party is not disclosing money or other property or is totally uncooperative.  Otherwise, court litigation is costly in terms of money, time, emotional stress, reduced opportunity for long-term cooperation, and less-fair court orders.

10.  A judge will require that you hire a mediator, anyway.

Before your family law case will be heard in court, you will be required to attend mediation anyway.  So, why not do it up front and save your money, time, and stress?


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